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So sudden, so frightful 
My hope and fear stirred as one 
As though my faith has just begun
So helpless, so unsure
You hold the space from life and death
You hold my hope and all that’s left

Lead me through Your fire
Let Your light shine
My only hope’s in You

I call You healer
You’re my deliverer 
You hold my world
There’s all power in Your hands
I call You Jesus
You stand in my weakness
You know what is and all that is to come
I call You healer

So thankful, so grateful
My dismay and pretenses
Concealed by all Your intentions
So trusted, so true
My cold feet and Your warm hope
Together with my faith rewrote

There is nothing that is impossible for You
There is nothing that is impossible for You, God

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mykingforeverjesuschrist asked: Heyyy Jaime :) why is your tumblr so awesome? Lots of love and blessings from germany :)*

Aww thanks!! :D I’m glad you like it!

God bless you!! :)